November 06, 2020

Overcome Pain and Tragedy

“I have the strength for everything through him who empowers me.”
― Philippians 4:13

Sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes we get hurt, or we get sick. Sometimes a loved one suffers or dies.

You can’t avoid pain. You won’t avoid tragedy. So what will you do about it?

You could fear the bad things in life. You could get angry. You could collapse under the weight of pain and tragedy.

Or instead, you can become a person who can take the pain. You can become a person who is strong enough to handle the tragedy. Better still, become the person who can put others on their back and carry them through when they’ve got nothing left. Become a source of strength for everybody else.

None of this means you won’t feel the pain. It doesn’t mean you won’t cry when you lose someone. But, you can choose to keep moving forward, and you can be the leader that others need.