July 03, 2020

You Can't Sell a Bad Product

“Better a little which is well done, than a great deal imperfectly.”
— Plato

Actually you can sell a bad product. Walmart and Amazon do it all the time. Good salespeople do it all the time. We’ve all purchased bad products, and we probably kept most of them.

The hard thing is repeat sales of a bad product. If your product stinks, nobody’s coming back for more. You’ll have a hard time convincing a customer to order more of something that didn’t make them happy the first time around.

On the other hand, you don’t need a perfect product to keep people coming back for more. If your product has one or two features that are done really well, you’ll get some repeat customers.

There’s a difference, of course, between limited and broken. A calculator that doesn’t add is broken. A calculator without a memory function is limited. You need to know the difference. If you have any repeat customers, your product probably isn’t broken. Ask those customers why they came back.

Figure out what makes your product special and double down on that.